The New Standard in Refrigeration Hardware.

Anyone can make a panel fastener or a hinge. Few can deliver the kind of craftsmanship and innovation you can expect in a Keil part. At Keil, our portfolio of specialty hardware components for walk-in and reach-in refrigerators are a perfect fit for the needs of today’s foodservice equipment manufacturers
and retailers.

Keil refrigeration hardware. We are the new standard.

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Walk In

Cooler/Freezer Lighting »

Cooler/Freezer Lighting

Go Green…Save energy and money with our broad line of energy efficient LED, T5 fluorescent and spiral compact fluorescent lighting fixtures.

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Walk-in Cooler/Freezer Hinges »

Walk-in Cooler/Freezer Hinges

Truck body, environmental enclosure, cooler or freezer, whatever your application, our hinges are designed to perform.

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Latches »


Featuring heavy-duty construction and stainless steel internal components, our safety latches are designed to withstand everyday abuse.

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Inside Safety Releases »

Inside Safety Releases

For peace of mind at a push of a button. Our safety releases with glow-in-the-dark knobs insure you are never trapped in a cooler or freezer.

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Walk-In Handles »

Walk-In Handles

Add a signature look to your cooler/freezer with a stylish surface mount handle.

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Door Closers »

Door Closers

When you need that extra little push, our door closers make sure your cooler/freezer door is sealed tight to prevent the loss of costly refrigerated air.

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Vent Ports »

Vent Ports

Under pressure? Our array of heated and non-heated vent ports help to equalize air pressure in your cooler or freezer. Our new 9 Watt model does it efficiently at a fraction of the cost.

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Viewports »


Our Saf-T-Vu™ windows are energy efficient and help to reduce the potential for ingress/egress accidents.

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Panel Fasteners »

Panel Fasteners

Holding it all together…whether you use Foam-In-Place, Slab Foam or Rigid Rail construction, we have the panel fasteners for you.

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Walk-In Accessories »

Walk-In Accessories

Everything you need to fabricate and install walk-in panels, from silicone sealant and masking tape to jig adapters, snap-on mouldings and more.

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Reach In

Lift-Off Cam Rise Edgemount Hinges »

Lift-Off Cam Rise Edgemount Hinges

These hinges, available in Polished chrome, stainless steel or black finish models, feature self-closing cam action for use on doors with magnetic gaskets.

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Non-Rise Edgemount Hinges »

Non-Rise Edgemount Hinges

These hinges are Ideal for reach-in refrigerators and underbar equipment with limited clearance for door rise.

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Concealed Cartridge Hinges & Brackets »

Concealed Cartridge Hinges & Brackets

Ideal for metal or glass reach-in refrigerator doors. Spring-assisted cam-action closing feature for positive door seal when used with magnetic gaskets.

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Refrigeration Edgemount Latches »

Refrigeration Edgemount Latches

These modern looking latches are available in magnetic, mechanical and compact models.

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Surface Mount & Cabinet Latches »

Surface Mount & Cabinet Latches

Ideal for mobile carts and refrigerated cabinets. Snap-action latch with powerful spring and a padlock feature.

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High Temperature Hardware »

High Temperature Hardware

Designed for use in high-temperature ovens, combi-ovens and heated cabinets.

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Refrigeration Handles »

Refrigeration Handles

Ideal for use reach-in refrigeration units.

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Condensate Evaporators »

Condensate Evaporators

Looking for an energy-efficient, wall-mountable and durable condensate evaporator? You found it.

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Lighting & Electrical »

Lighting & Electrical

Our fluorescent and incandescent light fixtures are designed to enhance the overall style and performance of any reach-in refrigerator

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Thermometers »


Innovation heats up. We make thermometers that are suitable for both refrigerator and freezer applications.

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Shelf Pilasters »

Shelf Pilasters

Ours are ideal for mounting adjustable shelving in cabinets, refrigerators and freezers.

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Pilaster Clips »

Pilaster Clips

Ideal for mounting adjustable shelving in cabinets, refrigerators and freezers.

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Breaker Strips »

Breaker Strips

Our breaker strips are available in ABS and PVC models and both are USDA and FDA approved.

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Gaskets »


Ideal for refrigerators, holding cabinets, milk coolers. No special tools or fasteners required for snap-in magnetic models.

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Wire Shelving »

Wire Shelving

The exact wire shelves you need. Ours are available in multiple finishes and with optional cut-outs, lips, bridges, product stops or ball feet.

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Refrigeration Accessories »

Refrigeration Accessories

Products for easy wire access. Parts for easy door opening or closing. Ice scoops with hand guard. And more innovative accessories.

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